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Fiction Best Sellers

AFic 0-11-18 Texas Ranger
AFic 9-11-18 President is Missing
AFic 9-11-18 Outsider
AFic 9-11-18 Tailspin
AFic 9-11-18 Pieces of Her
AFic 9-11-18 Circe
AFic 9-11-18 Stygian
AFic 9-11-18 Before We Were Yours
AFic 9-11-18 There There
AFic 9-11-18 Woman in the Window
AFic 9-11-18 Little Fires Everywhere
AFic 9-11-18 Other Woman
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Nonfiction Best Sellers

aNonFic 9-11-18 Astrophysics
aNonFic9-11-18  Aware
aNonFic 9-11-18 Between World and Me
aNonFic 9-11-18 Born a Crime
aNonFic 9-11-18 Dope Sick
aNonFic 9-11-18 Educated
aNonFic 9-11-18 Indianapolis
aNonFic 9-11-18 Resless Wave
aNonFic 9-11-18 Russia Hoax
aNonFic 9-11-18 Unhinged
aNonFic 9-11-18 Factfulness
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New DVDs

DVD 9-11-18 Adrift
DVD 9-11-18 Avengers Infinity Wars
DVD 9-11-18 Book Club
DVD 9-11-18 How to talk girls
DVD9-11-18  Incredibles 2
DVD 9-11-18 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
DVD 9-11-18 Ocean's 8
DVD 9-11-18 Show Dogs
DVD 9-11-18 Won't you be my neighbor
DVD On 9-11-18 Chesil Beach
DVD 9-11-18 Hereditary
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Young Adult Best Sellers

YA Ash 9-11-18 Princess
YA Ash 9-11-18 Princess
YA 9-11-18 Hazel Wood
YA 9-11-18 Hocus Pocus Seq
YA 9-11-18 I hate you give
YA 9-11-18 Long Way Down
YA 9-11-18 Not your mexican daughter
YA 9-11-18 One of Us
YA 9-11-18 Turtles way down
YA 9-11-18 Say Remember Me
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Middle Grade Best Sellers

JFic 9-11-18 City Ghosts
JFic 9-11-18 Confidence Code Girls
JFic 9-11-18 Crossover
JFic 9-11-18 Harbor Me
JFic 9-11-18 Mindcraft Island
JFic 9-11-18 Mindcraft
JFic 9-11-18 Refugee
JFic 9-11-18 Wild Robot
JFic 9-11-18 Wishtree
JFic 9-11-18 Wonder
YA 9-11-18 Boying Up
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New Picture Books

EZ9-11-18  After the fall
EZ 9-11-18 Be kind
EZ 9-11-18 Classmates
EZ 9-11-18 Cuddly Critters
EZ 9-11-18 Day You Began
EZ9-11-18  Dragons Love Tacos
EZ 9-11-18 Day Crayon Quit
EZ 9-11-18 Grow up david
EZ 9-11-18 I am enough
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New Digital Items

Online 9-11-18 Crazy Rich Asians
Online 9-11-18 Vintage American Comedy
Online 9-11-18 Promises
Online -11-18 Good Housekepping
Online 9-1-=1-18 Paul McCartney
Online 9-11-18 Nancy
Online 9-11-18 Animal Dreams
Online 9-11-18 Men's Fitness
Online 9-11-18 French Exit
Online 9-11-18 Big Game
Online 9-11-18 Sing Unburried Sing
Online 9-11-18 Rainy Day Friends
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