Creative Writing Contest 2017

Sponsored by Tahlequah Friends of the Library and Tahlequah Public Library.

2017 Winners

Thanks to all our participants for making this another great year!

Adult Winners

L to R: Daniel Sandoval, Regina McLemore, Shannon Carter, John Vaughn, Nancy Walker, Richard Walker, Shirley Girdner, and John Hewett.

Keys Junior High Winners

L to R: Skylah Phillips, Anthony Nelson, and Carlee Gideon

Keys Elementary School

L to R: Braeden Hopkins, Grant Stricker, Brice Miggletto, Jordan Hulcher, Zoe Walker, Abby Hathaway, Kaylee Marshall, Kinsli Foreman, and Susie Eden, Teacher

Homeschool, Woodall, Grandview, and Kansas Winners

L to R: Evangeline Gahn and Jody Gahn, Homeschool; Lydia Chandler, Woodall; Lillian Lee Bond, Lisa Gillman,Teacher and Elizabeth Ahlander, Grandview; and Johnny Sandoval, Kansas.

Keys Junior High and High School Winners

L to R: Sydney Keller and Jordan Andrews, Keys Junior High; Riley Hopkins, Payton McGowin,and Jessica Matthews, Teacher, Keys High School

Keys Elementary Winners

L to R: Maggie Carter, Emma Teague, Jaycee Gideon, Maesa Kilpatrick, Abigail Matthews, Andra Garrett, and Donelle Nolan, Teacher

Shiloh Christian School Winners

L to R: Peyton Butcher, Levi Daniels, Katie Koehn, Teacher, Dalton Crumby, J.D. Crumby, Deadra Fixin, Chandise Wells, Linda Richardson, Principal, Wynter Jackson, and John Ryan

Tahlequah Schools Winners

L to R: Tori Pham, Heritage Elementary; Rosetta Zimbelman, teacher and Andria Parish, Cherokee Elementary; Hannah Mitchell, Natalie Bright, Tahlequah High

2017 Rules

Once again the Tahlequah Friends of the Library is sponsoring a writing contest in Cherokee County for students and adults. This year we are accepting entries for six levels of writers: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th - 8th Grades, 9th - 12th Grades, and Adults. Everyone is invited to submit entries (one or two in any or all of the three following entry categories).

Poetry – no more than 30 lines. Poetry is a word song with a beat and sometimes rhymes. Sounds and syllables may be repeated. Line breaks create form and space. Rules about sentences, paragraphs, and punctuation are suspended. Some types of poetry have rules about rhyme patterns or numbers of syllables in a line while others are “free form”.

Fiction - under 1500 words. A fictional short story (including fictional essay), is made from imagination and written in sentences and paragraphs. The writer makes fantasized scenes seem real by writing believable characters, scenery, dialogue and action. Historical fiction mixes known history with information that can't be known exactly.

Nonfiction - under 1500 words. Nonfiction in a true account written in sentences and paragraphs. Nonfiction includes essays: personal factual, memoir, information, history, biography, and inspiration.

***Very important*** All winning entries will be scanned for publication in the Starwatch Anthology. Therefore, all entries must be single-spaced and typed in Arial font size 12. Do not use italics or bold or script font. Set margins at ¾ inch. Please do not put your name on your work. Do put the title on each page and number the pages in the upper right hand corner. Under the title on the first page indicate your category: poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to disqualification.

Entries are to be submitted no later than noon Saturday March 4, 2017. Winners will be notified and awards will be presented at a reception to be held on Sunday, April 23 at 2 p.m. in Richardson Hall at Go Ye Village. Winning entries will be published in the 37th annual Starwatch Anthology, with first-place winners receiving one free copy of that issue.

We look forward to your participation in Starwatch XXXVII.

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